Get a newspaper for your museum, gallery or exhibition

You only have to gather the content. We do everything else - a premium service, just for you.

Why get a custom-designed newspaper for your museum, exhibition or gallery?

  • Give visitors something to take home

    Showcase your most popular, or off-the-beaten track artefacts, with interesting facts, interviews, images and games, and give it to your visitors to take home, browse, and share with their friends and family - creating greater interest.
  • Support your exhibitions

    Your exhibitions are lovingly curated, with an arching narrative and individual stories behind each piece. Support them by sharing their story through the medium originally intended for telling a stories - a newspaper.
  • Bring your content alive

    Accompanying your displays and work is a whole host of content: on your website, through your social accounts, and in your museum or gallery. Bring it all together through a newspaper for visitors to engage with in a simple, easy-to-use medium.
  • Bring your community to the headlines

    Do you run workshops for children? Run competitions online? Have fantastic testimonials from your visitors? Bring your visitors to the forefront through a newspaper, where you can share the best from your community, your visitors’ own creations, and their experiences.

Newspaper types and prices


On bright white paper

1 - 300 copies
A4 size/Digital Print
From £280 all-inclusive

Pearl Tabloid

On bright white paper

1 - 300 copies
Tabloid size/Digital Print
From £345 all-inclusive

Silver Tabloid

On real newsprint paper

1 - 300 copies
Tabloid size/Digital Print
From £437 all-inclusive

Gold Tabloid

On real newsprint paper

300+ copies
Tabloid size/Litho Print
From £950 all-inclusive

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