Frequently Asked Questions – Newspapers

  • How does it work?

    It’s easy! 1. Call us / Meet us, 3. Ask your friends and family to forward you content 4. Start feeding us your content, 5. We build/edit in the background, 6. You have two face-to-face meetings with us to see drafts. 7. We publish and ship your papers before your event date.
  • How many can we print?

    As little or as many as you wish! 
  • Do we specialise in just wedding newspapers?

    No, we will help you build a newspaper for small birthdays, anniversaries, your business promotion, conferences, any event in fact!
  • How long does it take to print?

    Once you sign up, we will start building it while you feed us the content. 
  • How much does each paper cost?

     Call us, we can give you an instant quote based on the kind of newspaper you would like.
  • What kind of paper stocks do we use?

     We now have 4 types of newspapers – Mini and Pearl which are on brighter white paper, Silver and Gold which are more authentic looking. The quality/thickness of the papers and printing may vary slightly due to the nature of newspaper printing in general. If you need to know more about this, please contact us.
  • What if we do not have time to write articles?

     No problem! Plaster it with all your fun photos or have us interview you and your friends. 
  • What if we are struggling with the content?

    Once you sign up, our team will be  there to advise you on ideas that your guests will love to read! If you are doing a wedding newspaper – make sure you see our examples page.
  • Can we name the newspaper?

    YES! Go wild!
  • What about the front cover?

    The package we offer you includes a choice of 3 template front covers. We simply work with you to amend the photos and text on your template front covers. Our packages are well defined, and all-inclusive, so you can be assured that no hidden extra costs might pop up.
  • Can we design our very own front cover?

    Of course! We have an award-winning print design team that we can forward you to. You would deal with them separately.
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