Corporate, Public Sector and Education Newspapers

Momento is a complete design agency – we offer everything from branding, design, long-running projects and fulfilment. As an expert in designing and delivering printed publications, you can rely on us to achieve your objectives.

We are happy to consult on either one-off or long-term projects for companies of any size, as well as schools, hospitals and the public sector. Some of the ideas and benefits for such publications include:

  • Corporate internal newspapers. Are your employees drowning in an ocean of emails? Are your internal communications or corporate communications simply not working? The answer is to go back to something tried-and-tested – newspapers. We believe people are far more likely to read content from newspapers, and beyond just reading it – we believe that content is far more likely to be read thoroughly and patiently.
  • Corporate external (customer-facing) or partner newspapers. Getting customers to care about your brand, your service or what you believe in is difficult. There’s many ways of reaching customers. Keep your entire ecosystem in the loop through a newspaper – it’s much less likely to end up in the “spam” folder, and will enhance your reputation with a physical, tangible object which people are much more likely to read, to share with others and appreciate.
  • Schools, Hospitals & the public sector. There’s incredible possibilities we can offer to schools and hospitals. Have you ever imagined a proper newspaper for either teachers or parents – just for one specific year group? We specialise in short runs, done quickly. We can make it happen at a budget that might surprise you.
  • Charities. We believe charities have a lot to gain from a well-designed and regular newspaper which keeps all their constituents informed, as well as canvassing donations.
  • Conferences, Seminars and Meetings. In addition to newspapers for such events – we also offer simple agendas.


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