• The most personal and stunning souvenir imaginable
  • Authentic, heartfelt stories from you and your guests
  • The best way to involve all your guests
  • The most unique invitation you can give!

Get a Bar or Bat Mitzvah newspaper

You only have to gather the content. We do everything else - a premium service, just for you.

Why get a custom-designed Bar or Bat Mitzvah newspaper?

  • You only 'come of age' once

    A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. How will your family and your son or daughter look back on this day years from now?
  • Help your son or daughter be the star of their day

    Which stories and photographs will you and your guests share? Which words of wisdom do your family have to pass on? Your son or daughter can be the feature of a special edition dedicated to them.
  • Showcase who they are

    Is your son or daughter a budding footballer? A writer? A singer? Help them showcase their personality and interests through a lasting memento.
  • The perfect balance between tradition and celebration

    Will you include your son or daughter's Torah portion? Will you celebrate their achievements? A customised newspaper lets you blend the traditional observances with the modern celebration.
  • A fun guide to the special day

    Guide your guests through the day, from the reading at the synagogue through to the evening's entertainment.

Newspaper types and prices


On bright white paper

1 - 300 copies
A4 size/Digital Print
From £280 all-inclusive

Pearl Tabloid

On bright white paper

1 - 300 copies
Tabloid size/Digital Print
From £345 all-inclusive

Silver Tabloid

On real newsprint paper

1 - 300 copies
Tabloid size/Digital Print
From £437 all-inclusive

Gold Tabloid

On real newsprint paper

300+ copies
Tabloid size/Litho Print
From £950 all-inclusive

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