Problems with designing and printing a newspaper by yourself

Momento Services was formed after recognising the very big problems that people have with printing a high-quality newspaper or any other  kind of publication – by themselves. This post is about the key problems you will face.

The solutions to these problems are a valuable part of the service we offer to customers.


How do I design and produce a front cover and newspaper layout on my own?

We employ the best print designers in the country – and offer you the highest-quality template front covers to make your life easier. The layout work is another large challenge.

There are commercial products which produce digital output in the perfect format for printers – like Adobe’s Creative Suite – but the initial cost of buying this software could be over £1500, and the cost of training yourself or someone else to actually use it could be far more substantial. There are entire graphic design degrees/courses which focus on print design.

Besides being able to “actually do” this work yourself, the best quality design is creative and interesting – and this is another skill which is rare. You could hire someone else to do it – but the rates are generally charged hourly, and when you are half-way through the design – costs can get very expensive, forcing you to go well over your budget – just to complete the design.

Luckily, we do all of this for you at Momento, and since we do it in bulk – we pass on all the savings to you.


How do I gather and manage all the content submissions for my newspaper?

Momento offers a streamlined approach to accepting, cleaning up and editing content. We offer each client a unique email address – they can either forward contributions to us after checking things themselves, or they can invite people to submit content directly to us.

We have a team that specialises in editing, checking and processing contributions (both pictures and text) for inclusion in a publication. As a publication is being made, there’s significant effort in re-organising articles and photos to be placed in the perfect way.


Where do I go to print a newspaper?

You will have to do extensive research to find the right printer, and most importantly – deliver digital assets to them in the right format and precise quality required.

Printers do not take responsibility for your product choice, colouring issues, poor quality images, badly encoded digital assets, and so on. You will need to have intimate knowledge of digital and lithographic printing, as well as general knowledge on the product which you want them to print.


What kinds of content can I put into my newspaper?

Often, people get stuck with ideas for contributions. Momento feeds creative input towards your efforts to create the most engaging, interesting paper. We have experience of what makes a great newspaper – and depending on what the purpose is, we can give you a set of tried-and-tested recipes and content formats that will ensure that a publication managed by us is a lot more engaging than one attempted alone.

We are also aware of many restrictions, guidelines and more that affect your image and project you in a bad way. We can help you to try and steer clear of such obstacles, so that you don’t complete your own newspaper – and then find out that it did you more harm, than good.

We have (we hope!) written the above in a factual/hopefully neutral way to make you aware of the real problems in “going DIY” with your newspaper. Please contact us if we can be of service.

Momento is managed by two people (and a team of experts around them). We are creating a storm by helping people to build a newspaper for any event!

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