Our debut at the National Asian Wedding Show 2012

We had a fantastic time at the National Asian Wedding Show in London’s prestigious Excel Centre. Kudos to Manny Singh and the entire team for making a fantastic show happen. Momento collected hundreds of leads and we were entirely swamped by the huge interest generated in people wanting wedding newspapers. There’s nothing like actually touching and feeling our product to see how great it can be at a wedding, we guess!

People were especially taken by the possibility of having their friends and family contribute to the newspaper, which is a very unique aspect of a wedding that hasn’t been fulfilled at all to this date. As the only such service provider for wedding newspapers of truly high quality, we are proud to remain the only UK service that has devoted ourselves to this idea. Everyone seems to want a wedding newspaper. The future is fantastic. We look forward to making memories come alive for our clients.

Momento is managed by two people (and a team of experts around them). We are creating a storm by helping people to build a newspaper for any event!

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